Logo & Artwork Submission Guidelines

File Requirements


When providing logos, sponsorships, crests, or other designs, always opt for editable VECTOR formats. This ensures that the design can be adjusted without sacrificing its original quality, so your design will always print crisp and clean. If you don't have access to vector files, we offer redrawing services at an additional cost, determined by the complexity of your design.

Submit artwork in editable VECTOR formats such as .svg, .eps, .ai, and certain .pdf files for best quality. These files ensure clarity when resized. RASTER formats such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, and .tif are not modifiable and may lose clarity.


For embroidery requests, we accept all file types. However, a setup fee will apply for digitizing designs regardless of format. We digitize and convert your design to reflect individual stitching for a perfect embroidery.

Note: Converting a raster image to vector doesn't enhance its quality.

Understanding File Types

Choosing the right file type might seem complex, but here's a simplified breakdown to help you understand:

  • VECTOR Files (.svg, .eps, .ai, .pdf): Imagine these as elastic bands that can stretch without ever losing their shape or clarity. No matter how much you enlarge a VECTOR file, it remains sharp and clear. These are the best types for logos and designs because of their adaptability.
  • RASTER Files (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tif): These are more like photos. If you try to stretch a small photo into a poster, it'll get blurry. These filetypes are ideal for photographs but not ideal for logos or designs.

It's a good practice to keep original copies of your artwork stored securely. If unsure about which file type to provide, don't hesitate to ask our dedicated team and we will work with you on ensuring you get the perfect design.

Tip: Whenever you get a design made, ask for it in a VECTOR format. This will save you time in the future if you ever want to make it bigger or change it without losing quality. 

Examples of Vector vs. Raster:

VECTOR (Enlarged by 300%)

Logo vector resolution example

RASTER (Enlarged by 300%)

Logo raster resolution example